We all need a little help sometimes. Perhaps you’re a parent dealing with your child’s food allergy diagnosis, in Minnesota or elsewhere. Maybe you’re a childcare provider or school navigating the everyday challenges with food allergy safety and policy development. Or, you’re an individual dealing with the stress of life’s unexpected challenges — you don’t have to go through it alone.

A Gift of Miles offers support to individuals, parents, childcare providers and schools to successfully navigate and grow during times of transition. Our programs are designed to decrease stress and increase quality of life all while finding, creating and flourishing in a new normal.

Taking your life or organization to the next level has never been easier. Leverage Kristin Beltaos’ customized consulting, expertise and training programs to help you identify your goals, develop strategies and action plans that establish a new order.

Whether you’re in Minnesota, nationally or internationally, make a selection under Food Allergy Consulting or Other Services to learn more about how you can find support and assistance that will help you transition to your new chapter.

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88 Acres are a must for food allergy families

88 Acres are a must for food allergy families! Amanda Massello, Director of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce for 88 Acres, and I caught up on Twitter one morning and that tweety relationship turned into a sampling of 88 Acres at my front door. They are very delicious, and nutritious, so I thought you might like to learn more about this fairly new item that may be safe for your household. Keep reading to take advantage of the 15% OFF COUPON CODE at the end of the interview. How timely is this interview since so many of us are trying to find safe and tasty school snacks?!

Like so many food allergy businesses, Nicole and Rob Ledoux’s started with a dream…ok, maybe not a dream, but in this case an anaphylactic reaction on Nicole and Rob’s FOURTH DATE.

Kristin: Nicole (cofounder of 88 Acres) can you share your experience with Rob’s anaphylactic reaction on your fourth date? I can’t believe you were newly dating…what went through your mind?

88 Acres are a must for food allergy families

Nicole, Rob and Emmett Ledoux
Image courtesy of 88 Acres Instagram

Nicole: I met Rob during the fall of 2010 in the old fashion way, on Match.com. While our first date was amazing — Saturday brunch in Boston followed by taking a long walk around the city with my chocolate lab, Bear — it was our fourth date that stands out. We were grabbing dinner from my local pub, when Rob looked across the table and told me to get him to the Emergency Room as fast as possible. His meal was contaminated with nuts (thankfully it wasn’t my cooking!). For most of us, no biggie…but for Rob, his throat was beginning to close due to his severe allergy to nuts! So our romantic fourth date resulted in me speeding through the streets of Boston looking like a deer in headlights with Rob in the passenger seat, calling his parents with one hand and holding his Epi-Pen in the other.

We got to the hospital where he was whisked through triage and into the ER. His parents arrived about an hour later, which was an awesome way to meet them for the first time…”Hey nice to meet you future in-laws, your son is in anaphylactic shock.” I stayed by his bedside all night, watched him the entire next day, and rid my house of nuts as soon as I got home.

This experience not only cemented my love for this guy, but spawned a pretty awesome food startup as well. And now we are married, started 88 Acres together, and have a 6-month old baby boy named Emmett!