Why can’t I have a Cupcake? Book Review

Editor’s Notes:
I was so happy that Betsy Childs contacted me to review her new book about food intolerances, Why can’t I have a Cupcake? Her simple, yet meaningful, story along with Dan Olson’s illustrations was a great hit with my sons.

When you have a food allergy, it is required that you have two doses of epinephrine in your possession as a second dose may need administered five minutes after the first dose.

Review of Why can’t I have a Cupcake?

My son is attending a birthday party this weekend…a place where tasty treats are always in abundance along with the token slice of “za” (pizza). These social situations are sometimes challenging for those dealing with food allergies, celiac disease or intolerances as assimilation is so important. No matter the challenge, we must teach our children that the celebration is the time we spend together having fun, and much more important than any food.

Why can't I have a Cupcake?

Why can’t I have a Cupcake? by Betsy Childs and Illustrations by Dan Olson

In this thoughtful book, Rory, a six-year-old boy, was excited to be going to his friend Poppy’s birthday party where they will have delicious cupcakes. Rory L-O-V-E-S cupcakes, but he is gluten intolerant. He remembers having a stomach ache after eating foods like cupcakes and pancakes.

Rory’s mother dropped him off at the party, hands him his crispy bar and he is off to have some fun! Not only did Rory have an enjoyable time participating in the fun activity and watching Poppy open her birthday presents, he learned that he was not the only one bringing his own treat or an item to keep safe. Celia can’t have peanuts so she came prepared with a tuna sandwich, in case PB & J sandwiches were served. Mason brought an EpiPen® because he’s allergic to bee stings. Lewis has a popsicle because he can’t have ice cream, he’s allergic to dairy.

One of the messages that I loved about this book is that while we all may eat different foods, we’re still able to have a lot of fun together. It’s not about what we eat, but the fact that everyone spends the time together.

Lastly, I saw a bit of myself in this book. Rory’s mother mirrors what all mothers to food challenged children do…bring a food that their child can have AND are so excited to share a new and safe food find that will make their child so very happy.

What did Rory’s mother find? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out, won’t you?

Why can’t I have a Cupcake? is an excellent selection to teach, to share and just plain enjoy!

You can find Why can’t I have a Cupcake? on Amazon.

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