The Rhythm of Routine

We all find ourselves stressed at one time or another… working too many hours, frazzled in traffic, being short-tempered with the kids, not getting enough sleep, making poor eating choices. Stepping back, what does it all mean?  And more importantly, how can we change it?

I recently listened to a HeartMath webinar called The Science of Self Care with Personal Coach Cheryl Richardson and HeartMath VP Howard Martin. Something that stuck with me is thinking about the effects of Anger or Stress versus Care on our bodies. Moreover, how our exhaustion from our over scheduling and sometimes over caring for others, and not ourselves, is leading our minds and bodies into quite a stress and physical illness epidemic.

How maniacal are you about checking voicemail, email, texts, when they immediately arrive? Especially since starting my business, I always want to be so on the spot when a client or potential client contacts me. Studies have shown that checking your business media so often actually makes you less effective than if you check it only at set times during the day.

With all of this checking of home email, work email, home voicemail, work voicemail, texting, etc. We have actually become so less connected to others, and ultimately ourselves, because we no longer carve out time to rejuvenate or implement self-care in our lives.

Many of us ignore the value of the rhythm of routine. Our haphazard way of getting through our day is creating a lot of stress on our minds and bodies.  I started to think about how they say children desire and thrive on routine… it brings them security, knowing what comes next in the day makes them feel safe. Now no adult can live one’s life on a child’s schedule; but having some sort of routine to your day can bring peacefulness to your mental, emotional and physical being ~ and that, is self care.

How can you establish this rhythm of routine in your life? Well, it can be as simple as rising and retiring to bed, creating bedtime rituals, having evening meals, exercising, or simple quiet moments, faithfully, at the same time every single day.

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