Squelch the Gimmies: Teaching Children to Give in a “Me” Society

Not too long ago, I saw the movie “The Descendants.” It covered numerous heart-wrenching topics: infidelity, a tragic accident, end-of-life issues, smart-alecky children and an absentee father. However, much like life, it was sprinkled with many beautiful moments, one of which was watching a father, played by George Clooney, awaken and find his true self. Be warned, should you decide to watch this movie, it would be appropriate to arm yourself with a box of tissues; I dabbed my eyes throughout the film.

There’s a quote from the movie that made me think about my sons and a topic that I seriously ponder on a regular basis. How can my husband and I raise strong boys who strive for not only what they want in life, but also what they want to give in life? Here’s the quote:

“Give enough to your kids so they can do anything, but do not give them too much so they can do nothing.” Continue reading