Starve the Negative Monster: Conceiving After Infertility, Miscarriage or Stillborn

How do you stay in the moment and connect with your child and pregnancy after struggling with infertility, remembering a previous miscarriage or loss of a child (stillborn). There is no doubt that these feeling are normal and only natural.

If your situation was infertility, you are absolutely euphoric that you have finally accomplished what you have worked so hard for; but then you are scared about losing this child, having to repeat all of those complicated infertility treatments and will you get pregnant again?? But you are pregnant, right now!

If you have previously miscarried or carried full term and then lost your child, those same feelings arise leaving you to feel guarded, almost against the little one, so that if something happens again, you are prepared and not as connected. But deep down you know, no matter what happens, you are connected to your baby.

Our thoughts… I took a quick Google search and came up with this little known fact: we have approximately 50,000 thoughts per day. As you know, many of these thoughts will be positive ~ love, joy, gratitude, humorous, etc. While others will be negative ~ fear, worry, anger, jealously, etc.

Now… there are only two options to address our negative thoughts. We can feed and nurture the negative monster or we can starve and ignore him. By starving and ignoring the monster we are able to concentrate on a more positive and peaceful existence. Continue reading