Different Lives Often Have the Same Crossroads

My BFF took me to a Women’s Gala last week. There was a very talented singer and storyteller that was the highlight of the evening. It was such a wonderful experience to be with my friend, in fellowship, in quiet and in opening my heart to the season.

There was something magical about not having to speak for an entire hour. I know that may sound weird, but my life consists of a lot of talking. I’m talk’in to my husband. I’m talk’in to my sons: they LOVE to talk…from the moment their little feet hit the floor to the last flutter of their eyelashes into dreamland. Then of course, I’m talk’in in my work.

The act of being still, present, open and listening to someone speak about their life, their experiences, their learning moments brought quiet reflection about my life: my loves, my storms, and even the storms that are always with me, quietly rumbling. It made me realize that all of our lives, each unique like snowflakes, have many of the same crossroads.

This holiday season, spend some time listening; take the time to see commonalities with one another. It’s how compassion is created. It calls us to be outside of ourselves and to consider what we don’t always understand in others. It’s what opens our heart and creates authentic friendship and community.