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Guest Blog Appearance: Dr. Tye Moe of Whole Family Chiropractic

Struggling to conceive is such an overwhelming time, so many choices, and many unknowns. Utilizing a holistic approach certainly can aid you in your efforts.

There are a couple of things that can be overlooked when it comes to a couple struggling with fertility. One question is, how well are each of your bodies functioning neurologically? A second question, are your bodies as strong and healthy as they could be to help promote conception? Sometimes we all just need a little oomph to help us along.

While many things affect function, one area of special interest is the brain-body connection (neurological function). Everything in your body works because your brain tells it what to do. For example, each month an egg is released from one of your ovaries. This does not occur by random chance, it occurs because a series of messages from your brain to your body parts allow it to happen.

If there is disturbance to the brain-body connection, this process is negatively affected. What is especially important for fertility is the brain-body connection to the reproductive organs and the hormone producing glands. Continue reading