Who is Your Safety Net?

One of my fondest memories of last summer was spending time at our best friends’ cabin. We fished, ok…I watched my boys fish. We ate what seemed to be every two hours; that’s cabin life for ya, where all is free and well with the world. We built a fire and made smores. The cabin is the simple life of love, laughs and true friendship, and for me, true family.

The last few months have been very difficult since my father’s passing just before Christmas. Those life experiences call you to think about how everyone needs a safety net in life, a true family. Patrick and Catherine have been that family to us. They are the net that makes us feel so secure, so unconditionally loved that we can share anything on our minds, a happiness, a hurt and travel life’s miles together shouldering the fun, the sun, the storms…every step of the way side-by-side.

Hammock at the CabinThe safety net made me think of the hammock that my boys and their Uncle Patrick swung in, under the moonlight, gazing up at the stars and listening to the sounds of the night.

My husband and I sat on a small dock a short distance away and could observe our boys chatting away with their Uncle Patrick about the day’s events, their simple happiness and peacefulness made our eyes well.

I hope our dear friends, our family, know how much they have been our net the last few months. How much we enjoy their spirit, how happy they make our boys, and most importantly, how much their happiness means to us.

Everyone needs a net. Who is your net?

Please share with me a comment or two about your net. : )

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