Kick Off the Holiday Season With This Boo-tiful, Halloween Tradition

When my son was first diagnosed with food allergies I dreaded many holidays…and the holiday season started with Halloween. Being allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and sesame didn’t offer many store bought candy options, from an ingredient or manufacturing perspective.

I began to think about the message that I send my sons about food. While celebrations with food go hand-in-hand with our society, I wanted to send the message that we can celebrate in other ways besides cake, cookies and cupcakes. Here’s where ‘You’ve Been BOOed!’ enters the picture.

Create a new tradition with this Halloween activity that is fun for all ages in your neighborhood, at the office or even get creative and do it with classrooms at school, as long as Halloween is an acceptable holiday to celebrate in your school.

Here’s how you BOO:

beenbooed-color copy

You’ve Been BOO-ed!

Step 1 — Pull up the website and select one of the three ghostly, poem pdfs.

Step 2 —  Head to the dollar and Halloween areas in search of goodies for your Boo bag. Some of our favorite haunts include: Target, Michaels and the Dollar Store. What kinds of things can you put in your bag? It’s still a little early, but spooky treats are starting to roll in. Last week I saw that Target has various ghoulishly scary book selections in the dollar area, stickers, pumpkins, spider rings, iron on t-shirt decals, decorations of the season, etc. When we were Booed last year, our Booer gave us a Halloween craft project AND a ‘Do You See What I See’ Halloween book.

Step 3 — Select a bag. We’ve done everything from one of a small recycled shopping bag in black, to picking up a Halloween gift bag.

Step 4 — Assemble your bag and determine who you will BOO!

Step 5 — Wait until it is dark, grab your kids and sneak over to your victim’s, I mean neighbor’s house. Oh so quietly, place the bag on the front stoop, ring the doorbell and RUUUUN like a bat out of a belfry! Hide before they get to the door. BEWARE…should you do this with your kiddos, much giggling will ensue, so be prepared to give the librarian shhhhhhh to them.

Other Ideas
What else can you do for this holiday…make allergy safe Halloween cutout cookies, create homemade Halloween decorations (just pictures will do) and post them in your kitchen eating area, go to a pumpkin patch or corn maze, after trick-or-treating, donate the candies to the Operation Gratitude so that service men and women may enjoy a treat or two.

Evil Laugh Ensues

Evil Laugh Ensues

No matter what you decide to do for the upcoming holiday, just make sure to focus on having a wickedly fun time!


I gave you a few of my thoughts, won’t you leave a comment and share with me one of yours?