Take the High Road; Find Your Kind Nature and Giggle

Are you having a hard time dealing with daily annoyances?

Perhaps each spring the neighbor’s roaming cat uses the side of your house as a litter box.

Or the neighbor’s kiddos consistently throw landscaping, pea rock into your grass; resulting in you cursing each time you mow the lawn.

And then there’s Bob, the Neighborhood Watch organizer, who lurks around the house, ringing your doorbell after 9 p.m.  This usually happens when your husband is travelling, scaring you, and the “you know what” out of the cat at the side of the house…possibly causing the whole litter box problem. Well, maybe the cat and Bob situations aren’t related to one another, but it added a little humor.

In case you are wondering, all of the above stories have actually happened between the two houses where my husband and I have lived.

What’s the solution to these daily annoyances? It’s challenging yourself to find the humor in a situation and flip the stress to laughter. Let me give a couple examples.

As I listened to my husband rant under his breath, criticizing the neighbor’s parenting skills, while doing his best to pick the pea rock out of our lawn for the ninth time this summer. I think how can I make him laugh? So I say:

“You want me to take care of it? Just think of me out there in my housecoat, curlers in my hair, cold cream on my face and cigarette in hand, yelling in the raspiest voice I can muster, you kids get out of my yard!”

It took the edge off of his anger and gave him a mental picture to reference each time he went pea rock picking before a mow.

Then, there’s the cat that kept using the side of our house as his personal toilet when spring arrived. I did some research for my husband and found three ways to handle this delicate situation:

  1. Outfit my husband in camouflage, night vision goggles and a can of spray paint.
  2. Scatter a couple of bulk, black pepper containers at the side of the house so that the pepper would adhere to the cat’s paws, a couple of licks later, that cat wouldn’t want to come back to our house.
  3. Purchase a super soaker water gun and lay in wait. Continue reading