Food Allergies Are More Than An Awkward Moment

Food Allergies Are More Than An Awkward Moment or Two

Food allergies are more than an awkward moment, yet when you are a parent to a child with a food allergy, or you are the person who has the food allergy…most of the time you feel like you’re asking for special treatment rather than a safety requirement. We’ve all seen the eye rolls, the teasing, the telling glances and even some “friends and family” that are embarrassed of our constant questions. I have always said, “Who would ever choose to live this way?”

John Espinosa messaged me over LinkedIn and shared with me his recent food allergy experience that opened his eyes and caused him to find his voice! I’d like to share his post with you because as I advocate for my son and for other children that have food allergies I realized John’s message needs to be heard LOUD AND CLEAR. He exemplifies everything that we want our kiddos to be…to be confident enough to know who they are and what they need! We want our children to believe and communicate his same messages: “My life should be worth more to you than an awkward moment or two.” and “I’m empowering those who are peer pressured towards death to fight for their lives.”

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“Friday Feburary 26th was a wake up call. A white chocolate chip macadamia nut (… really cashew) cookie landed me square in the hospital. That Friday, I learned to be adamant when it comes to food allergies. Show me an ingredient list. Call out friends that snicker or roll their eyes when I ask the waiter to clarify whether kitchen equipment is scrubbed well between meals. Shut down people who bother me about how my epipens make my pants look clunky.

I AM DONE feeling like an “inconvenience. Continue reading

What Kind of Advocate Are You?

I’ve been a Mom to a multiple food allergic child for seven years. Obviously, I’ve thought and observed much about our relationship to food and how others react to food allergies. My son’s allergies have brought clarity to my life. I’ve had the opportunity to do much self-examination to determine what kind of Partner I want to be in creating as normal of a life as possible for my son.

I know the word advocate is used a lot in many different arenas. While I surely can identify myself as an advocate, I much prefer the term Partner. I forge partnerships with people and collaborate to ensure a positive outcome, first and foremost for my son, but also for my stress levels as well.

Advocating doesn’t mean that taking an aggressive approach is the only means to an end. It’s our choice to engage in unfriendliness or diplomatically distance ourselves and move on to find those with likeminded integrity, making a situation be best for all.

It’s easier to be mad, hostile and judgmental. It requires more thought to see life from both sides of the coin and come to the center.

It’s our challenge to determine how to help others adopt a Partner philosophy. As difficult as it may be, leading by example is the best way I know how.

With the upcoming school year drawing near, I encourage each of us to become a Partner, a collaborator with others. We’re all reaching for a common goal, safety of children and a happy school year.

~ Kristin