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Helping You Transform How You React To Stress

You’re stressed — you feel tension, suspense or anxiety that overtakes your body in response to life’s disruptions — probably more often than you would like. While you may dismiss the physiological and psychological effects , long-term stress can be disabling or create health problems.

Your stress can come from many situations: career, relationships, family, illness or death or other changes. These major stressors are compounded by the everyday annoyances of today’s fast-paced lifestyles: hectic commutes, deadlines, juggling multiple schedules, etc.

“Having Kristin along on our journey was a true blessing. She made every moment a lot easier with her guidance, wit, kindness and sincerity. We’d highly recommend her to anyone.” – Steven and Angie, Louisville KY
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What is fundamental, but rarely acknowledged, is that we manage stress by how we “choose” to react to situations. It’s not the external event that does the damage; it’s how you respond to those stressful events. The key to effectively managing your stress is to understand how you respond, and why.

At A Gift of Miles, you discover how to manage stress by utilizing strategies that keep you inspired and focused on maintaining your stress. By incorporating this approach into your life, you learn how to shift from negative emotions to positive ones, enabling you to respond to life in a more rational and calm way. Having the capability to move your energy toward positive emotions can help relieve the stress, with both immediate and long-lasting results.

Kristin Beltaos, consultant and licensed trainer, offers support to successfully navigate and grow during times of transition, particularly to those affected by life’s unexpected stresses. Her consulting is designed to decrease stress and increase quality of life all while finding, creating and flourishing in a new normal. While Kristin is happy to assist you during any type of stressful situation, her specialities include:

Food Allergies Managing a Child with Multiple Health Needs Infertility
Miscarriage Pregnancy After a Loss Aging Parents
Parent Loss Employment Transitions Relationships
Family Motherhood Managing Life’s Everyday Chaos

You’ll still experience the stress, but you’ll know how to harness it and focus your thoughts to be more positive, allowing your mind and body to be more harmonious, even while dealing with difficult situations.

Whether you’re in Minnesota, national or international, find the support and assistance that will help you better manage your stress and live a happier life!

Consulting is available in person, via telephone and videoconferencing.

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