Reproductive Challenges Testimonials

Going to A Gift of Miles was one of the best things I did during my fertility journey. When I started seeing Kristin after three miscarriages, I was full of bitterness and resentment. My normally cheerful personality had vanished. I worried that I would never bounce back to my normal self, and that I would never feel optimistic or hopeful again.

Kristin encouraged me to think about things that give me joy, and to make time for those things regularly so that I could remember how it felt to be joyful. She gave me journaling exercises to more deeply explore my feelings and reactions, and her book recommendations have been among the best I have ever received from anyone.

Working with Kristin, I discovered that I needed to do something specific to acknowledge my grief and to appreciate the new things I learned about myself after each miscarriage. Originally, I did not think a ritual to honor the memories of my lost babies would be helpful for me, but I used suggestions from Kristin as a starting point to come up with a ritual that was perfect for me. Performing this ritual with my husband turned out to be an incredibly powerful experience for both of us.

Although I was the one who ultimately had to choose to recover my joy, Kristin’s advice and coaching invited me to do so sooner than I otherwise would have. I recommend Kristin’s coaching to anyone struggling with fertility issues.
~ Angela, St. Paul, MN

Angie and I had been trying to get pregnant for a long time and were unsuccessful. I started speaking at length with Kristin about our infertility issues. From day one of our conversations, Kristin gave us information, support and love the whole way through all of our phases of “making our family.” She recommended that we seek an infertility specialist to find out if and what the issues might be. After each appointment, we would update her and she graciously listened and gave us additional guidance that even our doctor hadn’t mentioned during our appointments with him. After going through various tests and even having a surgery to repair and correct some issues, our doctor told us that the surgery was a success. However, even though our success ratio of getting pregnant on any given month had doubled, it was still on the low side.

After explaining all of this to Kristin, we weighed all kinds of options, everything from sperm donor, intrauterine insemination, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and adoption. She informed us with all kinds of information that we found quite helpful. Going through this process was quite exhausting. It was difficult to try every month and have it continually be a let down, plus the toll it took on us as a couple when we found out again and again that we were not pregnant.

Angie and I finally opted to go through the adoption process instead of seeking medical intervention. We spoke with Kristin about this and she made all kinds of wonderful recommendations and gave us an unbelievable amount of support.

In the end, we adopted a wonderful baby boy from The Gambia and know what a wonderful blessing he is to our family. The roads we traveled were very long, windy, bumpy and extremely hazardous. However, having Kristin along on the journey was a true blessing. She made every moment a lot easier with her wit, kindness and sincerity. We would highly recommend her to anyone. She is very compassionate and caring, which is what is needed during these types of experiences. She’s a blessing and we couldn’t say enough wonderful things about her.
~ Steven and Angie, Louisville, KY