My Son Forgot Epinephrine: A+ Problem Solving

My Son Forgot Epinephrine: A+ in Problem Solving

He forgot epinephrine and that sounds like a nightmare.

There isn’t a quick fix to this problem, is there? There isn’t a handy dandy saying to help you, like “Stop, Drop and Roll.” You can’t cross your arms like Jeannie, blink and have Epinephrine in hand.

forgot epinephrine - Key to solving a problem? Staying calm and think about your options.

Key to solving a problem? Staying calm and think about your options.

My son is a Student Council representative. In this role, it requires him to be at school early in the morning for meetings or to work at the school store. Per his Anaphylaxis Action Plan our son is not permitted to regularly self-carry his epinephrine, only under certain conditions defined by his parents. Student Council is one of those conditions where we permit him to self-carry.

The evening prior to a Student Council morning our son takes his Emergency Medication Pack from his sports duffle bag and places it into his school backpack. On these mornings, my husband drops our son off at school. Two schoolteachers, who are familiar with our son’s food allergies and the location of the Emergency Medication Pack, staff the council meetings.

Teaching Moments Abound for Your Child on the Go!

This past week, our son forgot his Emergency Medication Pack. Anxiety could have run high, except we’re proud to say that our son worked through it and determined a Plan B. He headed down to his classroom to see if his teacher was there and would be able to borrow the classroom/traveling Emergency Medication Pack. His teacher was in the classroom, so he grabbed his Pack and headed off to the meeting.

In case this happened again, my husband checked with a school administrative assistant to see if she would have access to our son’s medication in the Health Office. She explained that she didn’t know which medication box was his, but that she would check with the health paraprofessional when she came in. By finding out which box was his, should this happen in again, there would be two options available to solve the problem.

As parents, we were very proud of our son because it meant that what we have been telling him for years has truly stuck, “You can never be without your medications.” Once he realized this, he quickly solved the issue so that he could move forward with his day.

What About You?

Leave a comment below: Has your child ever forgot his/her epinephrine?  What did your child do?

Leave a comment below: What do you think your child would do if they forgot his/her epinephrine?

Leave a comment below: What have you done when you have forgotten your child’s epinephrine?

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