Miscarriage Support

Gaining the courage to try once again

Whether it was planned or a total surprise, you were ecstatic to be pregnant. You waited patiently for that first ultrasound, that first glimpse of your baby. But when the ultrasound technician starts the sonogram and quickly turns the screen away from you, you know something is wrong.

Whether you’ve been carrying the baby for four weeks or 14, it’s long enough for you to become completely attached to your child. So you gather up the packet of information and support groups, schedule your D & C, and drive home in a complete fog, wondering why all your dreams ended so quickly. Then the emptiness hits, and the guilt and the questioning: How did this happen? What did I do wrong? How can I fix my body?

Even though your doctor has likely explained that two-thirds of pregnancies end in the first trimester, a statistic doesn’t have much meaning for you. The good news is that with support and time, you will move on. I know because I did, even after suffering two miscarriages. Let me support you on this journey and teach you the stress management and self care techniques to gain the courage to try to conceive again.

Whether you’re in Minnesota, national or international, find the support and assistance that will help you find, create and flourish.

Consulting is available in person, via telephone and videoconferencing.

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