Miscarriage and Self-Care

It is so hard to lose a baby. Recently, I have learned of a couple of women that have lost a baby after the first trimester. My heart has been so heavy thinking about these women and their loss. I can’t imagine the sadness after thinking that you were through the cautious time of the first 12 weeks, and in addition to that, feeling baby movement. It was difficult enough to lose my babies within the first trimester.

Whether you have lost a baby in the first 12 weeks, or later, it is certain that your loss is a heavy one.  You not only lost your beloved baby, but the dream that this baby brought to you and you and your partner. 

It’s so important to implement self-care into your life at this very sorrowful time. When you are feeling so awful, it’s so hard to do that, but try to think of ways… and make a list to organize yourself. As you recover from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual upheaval… this self-care, in part, may be to think of a way to honor your little one.

How might you do that?  You could make a beautiful reminder of your baby, i.e., paint a birdhouse the colors you planned for the nursery, make a garden mosaic or plant a butterfly bush that will attract hoards of beautiful butterflies.

This simple action, will care for and nurture your spirit; express the love you feel for your little one and serve as a reminder of your abiding love for someone who was with you too short a time, but made such a large and lasting imprint on your life.

Hugs and blessings to all of my sisters who have lost a baby,


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4 thoughts on “Miscarriage and Self-Care

  1. Thank-you. I appreciate your ideas and sensitivity. My baby’s heart stopped just before reaching the 10 week mark…I’m now waiting to miscarry. A sad day.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. I know how exciting it is to learn that you are pregnant and how it can change so quickly. Please take extra care of yourself during your time of healing. ~ Kristin

  2. Hi Kristin. Thanks for the encouragement. I like the idea of organizing my ideas for self care, because I feel anything but organized or caring for myself right now. I wonder, do you know why Daily Strength would have cancelled my account? It was helping me so much to join the miscarriage support group and suddenly my help has been taken from me. Did I say something wrong? It was scary enough to put my thoughts up, I hope I didn’t say too much. I am so sorry for your loss, too. Looks like you are using such a sad experience to bring light into others’ lives. Thank you for such a beautiful example.

    • Your welcome Rachel. I am glad this post helped to comfort you. Whenever you feel emotionally out of sorts, it’s grounding to organize yourself. It helps you to focus.

      In reference to your question about Daily Strength, I am not sure why you think you have been removed. If you have seen my post, then you should still be active.

      If you have further questions, please feel free to email me kristin@agiftofmiles.com. Blessings to you always.

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