Business Consulting Testimonials

I first met Kristin was when I was hired as a general contractor to work on a couple of projects in her home. After learning about her business background, I hired her to help develop my website,

Kristin was to write my website copy; but I soon realized that I needed an education on the process leading to a quality website. Her knowledge guided me through the creation of this business tool. In addition, she understands what type of information that people of different generations and genders use to make decisions and that was reflected in the copy she developed. In conjunction with the website, I also had her provide guidance on the selection of my logo.

Kristin is a talented, enthusiastic and a creative individual who helped me to develop my thoughts into an interesting and informative read. I enjoyed the experience of working with Kristin and believe she would be an asset to any one looking for a partner in the development of a website or any other marketing tool.
~ John Schroeder, Minneapolis, MN

I have worked with Kristin for many years and have been extremely satisfied with what she has done for me and my business. With her organizational skills and professional approach, she helped to grow my small business, all while keeping my eye on what needs to be done today and in the future. Starting a small business can be very stressful. With Kristin’s ability to ask the right questions, she was able to pull me back and look at the big picture, avoiding the pitfalls of trying to do too many things at once or getting caught up in the tiny details. I’ve been impressed with her compassion for working with others and her passion for what she does. It is apparent she truly enjoys it, and it is what will keep me as a client.
~ Scott Verson, Minneapolis, MN

Kristin was a great asset in helping us start up our first business. The bank had asked us for so much information that it soon became very overwhelming. She helped keep us grounded and on track to meet our personal goal of owning our own business. Kristin created an impressive business plan based on the information we provided to her. The bank did not request any additional information from us once they were presented with the business plan. We received a “yes” for the business within two weeks and were ready to close within one month. This was our dream come true, and we owe so much to Kristin for her great work. The bank even complimented us on this being one of the quickest closings they ever experienced for a business purchase. Thank you so much.
~ Mark and Becky, Uniontown, OH

Kristin is wonderful to work with! She consulted in 3M’s Personal Safety Products Department and demonstrated skill-sets that included creative direction, a thorough and analytical approach to all assignments undertaken, a cost conscious attitude, and very proactive work methods.

Her contributions included three videos, characterized by the very experienced videographer as “the most complex” he had ever undertaken. She managed photography assignments that yielded over 500 images capturing key product demonstration requirements in challenging outdoor winter environments.

Kristin managed the development and production of a very technical brochure in support of the market development objectives for an emerging 3M technology. She is independent and extremely productive, capable of handling numerous assignments simultaneously and within very short timeframes.

I am pleased and honored to recommend Kristin’s work as her talents and contributions are truly outstanding.
~ Peggy Rogers, 3M Personal Safety Products Marketing Manager, St. Paul, MN

The Dignity Center is an outreach ministry that provides information, referral services and ongoing support to poor and homeless people who want to become self-sufficient. We have not had an integrated plan for describing and marketing its program to either clients who would use the services or volunteers who may staff the program or provide expertise to help the program develop. Kristin provided ongoing services to The Dignity Center that included the following:

  • Directed the creation of two brochures that describe the program the different constituents that the program serves.
  • Suggested ideas for letterhead and thank you notes.
  • Created ideas for a marketing campaign to recruit volunteers, funds to support the program and clients to use the program.

Working with Kristin on these projects was extremely educational. I find her to be reliable, timely and straightforward with her advice. She’s also a great listener, who discerned that The Dignity Center needed two brochures, one oriented to volunteers and one oriented to clients which I was not aware. She also suggested that The Dignity Center needed all print materials to be written and designed together so that they provide a consistent message.

I appreciate the services that Kristin has provided to further develop The Dignity Center and will continue to use her expertise in the future.
~ Ann Carlson, Director of The Dignity Center, Minneapolis, MN

I had the pleasure of working with Kristin on a local campaign where I served as the Campaign Manager.

Kristin’s professionalism and writing skills were integral to the success of our campaign. She was very flexible and met and sometimes exceeded project requirements. She was reliable and always provided feedback that refocused the product back to the project’s goals.

Kristin’s work on the project included all final editing of marketing materials, creating marketing materials, website review and streamlining the communication group’s editing process.

Overall, Kristin is a rare find. A person that was more than qualified for the role she served but had the generosity and commitment to manage the project to completion, all while serving in a volunteer capacity.
~ Katie, Campaign Manager, Maple Grove, MN