10 Things to Never Say to a Miscarriage Survivor

I know, you’re going to read this and say, “People don’t really say these things.” After experiencing two miscarriages, I can tell you that numbers 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 and 10 were said to me. Know how to support someone, sometimes just being there and listening is best. There are also those simple things like bringing over a meal, going for a walk and hanging out with someone can be the best medicine. Whenever something like this happens, people tend to scatter because they don’t want to say the wrong thing and feel uncomfortable dealing with someone’s pain. Everyone grieves in their own way and timetable. Be loving, be present…be a friend. xo, Kristin

The below Top 10 was acquired from Devan McGuinnes on Babble.

1.  “You can always try again.”: The end goal of pregnancy is not having two lines show up on the test — it’s a baby to grow their family. Many women will indeed go on to have another pregnancy, but they will always grieve the one the never got to know.

2. “Be grateful for the children you have!”: Grieving the loss of a baby has no effect on how they feel about their living children. They will not replace or ‘fix’ the child that she lost. Grieving is not ungrateful — it’s healthy.

3. “I know what you are going through.”: Unless you’ve been through miscarriage, saying this can be of very little comfort. However, if you have experienced loss, many find it comforting to hear how you are functioning through your grief.

4. “At least you weren’t further along.”: There are some who will agree that the further along you are, the harder it is for you. The problem with this is grief is SO individual and diminishing someone’s grief based on a time-line number is dismissive and hurtful.

5. “It was not a real baby just a fetus.”: A “fetus” is a baby. The mom will feel changes from very early on, making the transition to motherhood already there in her mind. It was a real baby.

6. “At least you didn’t know your baby!”: That is basically the problem — she never got to really know her child. Not only is she grieving the baby she never knew — she is grieving the fact she never got that chance. We love our baby from the moment we know we are pregnant.

7. “It’s probably for the best.”: Miscarriages happen for many reasons, and you do not know what may or may not have caused this particular loss. The best for whom? Me? The now dead baby? You? This does not make a person feel better.

8. “It wont happen again.”: Everyone hopes that everything will be fine in the next pregnancy, but sometimes it isn’t. Women who have recurrent miscarriages often remember being reassured by others that everything would be fine next time, and sometimes this makes for an even harder time coping with the second loss.

9. “After so many miscarriages you should be getting used to it.”: You NEVER get used to it. You should know this comment is hurtful.

10. “Get on with your life, this isn’t the end of the world!”: Grieving is normal, natural and very important. There are some women who are told this one after a very short amount of time and grief doesn’t work that way.

So, what should you say? “I’m so sorry.”

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